November 8, 2022 Voter Guide

September 19th, 2022


Download the Voter Guide as a PDF (1 two-sided page)

Governor: Tudor M. Dixon

Secretary of State: Kristina Karamo

Attorney General: Matthew DePerno

Michigan Supreme Court: Honorable Brian Zahra

Michigan Supreme Court: Paul Hudson

Michigan Court of Appeals: Judge Michael Warren

State Board of Education: Tamara Carlone

State Board of Education: Linda Lee Tarver

University of Michigan Regent: Sevag Vartatanian

University of Michigan Regent: Lena Epstein

Michigan State University Trustee: Dr. Travis Menge

Michigan State University Trustee: Mike Balow

Wayne State Governors: Christa Murphy

Wayne State Governors: Craig Wilsher

Oakland County Community College Trustee: Jeff Simek

6th District Representative in Congress: Whitney Williams

7th District Representative in Congress: Tom Barrett

9th District Representative in Congress: Lisa McClain

10th District Representative in Congress: John James

11th District Representative in Congress: Mark Ambrose

12th District Representative in Congress: Steven Elliott

6th District State Senator: Ken Crider

7th District State Senator: Connie Khederian

8th District State Senator: Brandon Ronald Simpson

9th District State Senator: Michael Webber

13th District State Senator: Jason Rhines

22nd District State Senator: Lana Theis

23rd District State Senator: Jim Runstad

24th District State Senator: Ruth Johnson

5th District Representative: Paul Taros

6th District Representative: Charles Villerot

8th District Representative: Robert Noble

18th District Representative: Wendy Webster Jackson

19th District Representative: Anthony Paesano

20th District Representative: Albert Mansour

21st District Representative: David Staudt

23rd District Representative: Richard Sharland

49th District Representative: Ann Bollin

51st District Representative: Matt Maddock

52nd District Representative: Mike Harris

53rd District Representative: Anthony Bartolotta

54th District Representative: Donni Steele

55th District Representative: Mark Tisdel

56th District Representative: Mark Gunn

57th District Representative: Thomas Kuhn

66th District Representative: Josh Schriver

68th District Representative: David Martin

72nd District Representative: Mike Mueller

1st District County Commissioner: Chris Meister

2nd District County Commissioner: Ken Roberts

3rd District County Commissioner: Ronald Dwyer

4th District County Commissioner: Kevin R. McDaniel

5th District County Commissioner: Michael Spisz

6th District County Commissioner: Michael J. Gingell

7th District County Commissioner: Bob Hoffman

8th District County Commissoner: Karen Joliat

9th District County Commissioner: Gjyste Nuculaj

10th District County Commissioner: Vincent F. Sitto

11th District County Commissioner: S. Dave Sullivan

12th District County Commissioner: Christine A. Long

13th District County Commissioner: Phil Weipert

14th District County Commissioner: Robert Smiley

15th District County Commissioner: Michelle DiNardo

16th District County Commissioner: Michael F. Mrozovich

17th District County Commissioner: Aaron Tobin

18th District County Commissioner: Kat Phillips

19th District County Commissioner: Joseph C. Pucci


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