Political & Campaign Training Academy – Sign Up Today!

February 6th, 2020


Our first session was held February 22nd and received rave reviews!

If you are a candidate, campaign manager, campaign staff, volunteer, issue advocate, or just a student of politics, this is an opportunity to attend a local training that will teach the strategy and tactics needed to win an election.

The full day seminar provides practical, time-conserving, money-saving, vote winning lessons, and tips, for both political new-comers and seasoned veterans as well. It will condense years of experience, lessons learned and state of the art technology into best practices in your political community.

Whether you want to participate in a campaign, assist in issue advocacy, or run for office yourself, this event offers a unique and valuable experience in hands-on political management and communications contact.

We will be running another course shortly. If you are interested in attending please email chair@oaklandgop.org with your name. We will be directly in contact with you when a date has been set.

Call Randall Thompson at # 517-402-1712, to discuss the development of private, customized sessions and campaign consulting.

These events are presented by the OCRP and Pulse Communications.


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