Become an Election Poll Worker.

March 1st, 2022


Michigan received an Election Integrity Director, Matt Seifried, last September. This is 11 months earlier than the Election Day Operation Director Michigan got in 2020 for the presidential election.  Matt is terrific and we are blessed to have him here!

We saw the recent exciting success of the grassroots, working with  RNC support in Virginia, now grassroot groups across Michigan are organizing to bring this same level of success to Michigan in 2022. This new RNC program, led in Michigan by Matt Seifried, is dedicated to protecting our elections like never before!!!  

But, frankly, it will take all of us to protect our elections.

We must take every advantage of the extra time we have to organize for November 2022. The first thing on the agenda is recruiting hundreds of election inspectors (sometimes called poll workers) to work at TCF and other locations in Detroit.

I know it may seem early, but there is so much to do!  Having worked in recruiting teams for years, believe me we need the time. In 2020 Detroit hired  5,500 people to election positions. Out of that number, only 170 were REPUBLICANS!  We will not let that happen again. A critical Goal of our new program is to have 5,000 Election Worker applications across the state filed by May. We will begin the training for workers in March for the August and November elections. 

Yes, you read that correctly. This time training will begin before the applications are submitted.  We want to submit applications by May, so we have time to litigate any problems that should arise.

You can see why we need to get going on this now!

Sign up here at

If you’re angry, fed up and fearful of a repeat of  the horror show of November 2020, then this is one way you can help. 

Help by stepping up and and convincing just one friend, family member or neighbor who is also discouraged about the outcome of the 2020 election to join us. In just a week over 1,000 people have joined the team! 

The positions at TCF and Wayne county will be filled first.  We know it is just that critical to address TCF. So if that is where you are willing to work, please visit the to sign up today!

If TCF is not for you, then sign up to work at a number of other locations, as we need an “all hands on deck” team approach.


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