L. Brooks Patterson
has passed.
1/4/1939 – 8/3/2019

L. Brooks Patterson served as Oakland County Executive from 1992 until is his death, he will be missed. Click the link below for details about his funeral.

Our Union is Strong!

Watch President Trump's 2019 State of the Union Speech


Read the Oakland County Republican Party press release condemning the comments made by Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar

We are continuing our legal, as well as, public relations fight against the illegal actions of the Oakland County Democrat Commissioners. Please tune in at 7:40am on 910AM with Nolan Finley, or at 9:15am on WJR 760AM on Frank Beckmann’s Show. Please help support the legal challenge! ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago


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Please keep fighting for what's right. Thank you.

We are probably going to have to get down and dirty with this fight! I hope that new guy doesn’t get too comfortable!

Good job keeping it simple Rock...we finally need common sense resolution to Woodward’s goofiness...

Rock...you must prepare to lose and get WAY out front of this, because THEY are. The immediate hiring of Hillary is an indicator of that. She was obviously chambered and ready to go for ANY Dem....And the full weight of the Levin cabal is TOTALLY engaged. Coulter cannot be underestimated, especially if he’s willing to run against his allies...🤔🤔🤔

Great job on WJR this am!

Keep up the fight.

Keep up the fight!!

Fight ..

CORRECTION: will be on WJR 760AM at 9:15am today.

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3 days ago


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How did we end up with a democrat 😈😈😈

How long before democrats turn us into a Wayne county..corrupt..

What David Woodward did at the Oakland Co.Commission was done before in this clip of George Kastanza! It's like Woodward gambled away $10,000, and then went to the casino bosses and said, "I really didn't mean to gamble, so I want my money back." Do you think they would give it back? Words and actions have meaning, and it's time the Democratic Commissioners learn this by respecting the people of our County!George go back to work and pretend he never quit ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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I am so worried about my county. Brooks kept us great. Now what will happen?

Hm. Give respect or gain power? That’s a tough one for the Democrats to decide!

I'm very concerned about Oakland County leadership now.

Sorry your Dirty Trick didn’t work. Now you can run agin and maybe you will Win. Maybe Not do the right thing for once

Do what you have to do to save our county!!!

We said the same thing


This is true .

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South East Michigan welcomes Vice President Pence, as he speaks at the DEC in Detroit in support of the USMCA! Trump/Pence 2020! ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

South East Michigan welcomes Vice President Pence, as he speaks at the DEC in Detroit in support of the USMCA!  Trump/Pence 2020!


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Missed him again

We are hoping for a visit to Northern Michigan someday!

Love our vice president Pence❤

thank you for your service sir!

I SUPPORT Trump and Ice and V.p. Pence

Love you

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