Winter Delegate Convention

The results are in! Thank you to all of the members who participated in the Delegate election for the winter of 2020. Click the link below to view the results of the election, separated by House District, followed by the results for the At-Large Delegates.


We are the Official Republican Party organization for Oakland County, MI, and we are in a hard fought battle to preserve conservative values in Michigan!

We believe we can stand together to preserve the conservative values that have defined the successful and vibrant communities that we call home. However, those values are under threat now, and we need your help!


There are several ways you can help, the first of which is by joining the OCRP. By paying the modest membership fee, you will help the OCRP achieve the conservative goals we value.

We need volunteers to help with campaigns and events, we need educators to teach classes so local Republicans can learn how to become effective activists, and we need community leaders to get involved so we can continue to move forward and continue to grow the Republican Party in Oakland County.


The time to get involved is now! Help the OCRP preserve conservative values in Oakland County, show your support and become a member, become a volunteer or become a leader!


Join us this morning on the Frank Beckmann Show (9:34 AM on 760 am, WJR), as we discuss how the Oakland County Republican Office was vandalized with spray paint and bricks. ... See MoreSee Less

Join us this morning on the Frank Beckmann Show (9:34 AM on 760 am, WJR), as we discuss how the Oakland County Republican Office was vandalized with spray paint and bricks.


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Attention, All republican Delegates across America. We are close to our next conventions Michigan has ours soon, Join us by Voting Motions on the convention floor to: 1. Condemn the 10 Rino Traitors who voted for Pelosi's unconstitutional Impeachment scam. 2, Demand they Resign from the Republican Party and their office. 3, Demand the GOP Minority Chair in congress to remove them from all their committies.

If I ever commit a violent felony insurrection in DC I'll be sure to throw a rock in my own window as a desperate ploy for victimhood.

Who is Rocky Woskowski..please??? We heard the tail end of him on the Frank Beckman show. We would like more info..Thank You


Do you think this was done by a Trump supporter? NOPE

Let's just get along......yeah right

The division started when the word “Deplorable” was spoken—

So unfortunate.

Where are the pictures of the graffiti? Weird not to show more pictures, or give us some security camera stills in case a member of the public could recognize the perpetrator. Regardless, bummer.

lots of unstable people out thereπŸ™

Hope the police catch these vandals. Wouldn’t be surprised if BLM/ANTIFA were involved in this one as well.

They won’t quit until there is no safe place or evidence left of any Republicans. Total anarchist’s.

If Democrats did it, then it's ok

Republicans are as useless as democrats.....a bunch of snobby fat cats....1 out of 10 are real people.....the rest are star belly sneetches.....

Its ok though because it was MOSTLY peaceful.

Sadly, Republicans are out for themselves. Until they secure our votes, fight for small businesses, I will only vote independent in the future.

I totally agree with impeachment. To the Republicans who are suddenly, FINALLY saying that it's time to "bring the country together", and that an impeachment is not the best option because it will only victimize Trump--no one CARES if Trump looks victimized--his cult already sees him as a victim, regardless of whether or not he is impeached, and all that attitude does is make it all about HIM, not about what is RIGHT. To those who say it will only inflame his followers more…so WHAT? They are already inflamed enough to desecrate the Capitol and threaten more violence on Inauguration Day…does it really matter how much more inflamed they get? So, NO. The time to "bring the country together" was back when the last, final count of our votes occurred--just as it has been done traditionally for most of our history. But you folks, quaking in your boots over a possible mean tweet from DJT....decided to indulge his bizarre fantasy of a "stolen" election (I'm talking to YOU, Mitch had the power to nip this poison in the bud, and you didn't do it). You enablers on Congress do not get to pretend now that you didn't know how dangerous this behavior was, and still is. Those of us out here in the real world could see something like this coming since Charlottesville, or even earlier. You all chose to turn a blind eye, and so the blood from the Trump Insurrection, and from whatever happens at the upcoming inauguration, is on YOUR hands. If ever there was a time to take the GOP back to a sane and principled conservative platform, and out of the wrenching, damaging grip of Donald J. Trump...THIS IS THAT TIME. It's not time to bring the country together as it relates to whether or not to impeach (the answer to THAT question is "hell YES!"). It IS time to bring the country together over GETTING BACK TO TRUTH AND FACTS, and the reality of dealing with the public health crisis that Trump has been too busy feeding his narcissism to deal with. And it starts with Republicans not only disavowing Trump, but, as Mitt (bless his courage) said, "TELL THE TRUTH" about the fair election. It is the ONLY thing that will "bring the country together". Come right on out and say that Trump lied. I dare you.

I don't understand at all why people can't see WHO are the violent ones here... Urg!!!

Hopefully there is video and they get charged with a hate crime!


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Merry Christmas! We wish you, and yours, a wonderful and warm Christmas Day. May God bless you, our families and our nation. ... See MoreSee Less


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Merry Christmas πŸŽ„

Merry Christmas

Join us in removing Elissa Slotkin from congress, we have had enough of her divisive rhetoric and extremist nonsense.. her partisan actions hurt everyone.

You had better be supporting President Trump!

Patriots have all but lost faith in the “RHINO” party after what you people are letting happen to the 2020 election in Michigan! GET TO WORK SORTING OUT ELECTION FRAUD. The fate of America is at stake!

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As many prepare to celebrate Christmas, we also wanted to remember 2 giants that have served the citizens of Oakland County with great honor. We pay honor to Bill Bullard (Highland), & Sue Ann Douglas (Rochester) who passed on this past week, but will always be remembered for their service and sacrifices. May God welcome them home. ... See MoreSee Less


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May they Rest In Peace

May the Lord provide healing comfort to their families this Christmas. πŸ™πŸ»

Rest in peace.

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