An important message from our Chairman regarding COVID-19 and OCRP Campaign efforts

Please click one of the links below for a letter from the OCRP Chairman Rocky Raczkowski, more details on the Convention or to Join the OCRP

Chairman Rocky Raczkowski


We are the Official Republican Party organization for Oakland County, MI, and we are in a hard fought battle to preserve conservative values in Michigan!

We believe we can stand together to preserve the conservative values that have defined the successful and vibrant communities that we call home. However, those values are under threat now, and we need your help!


There are several ways you can help, the first of which is by joining the OCRP. By paying the modest membership fee, you will help the OCRP achieve the conservative goals we value.

We need volunteers to help with campaigns and events, we need educators to teach classes so local Republicans can learn how to become effective activists, and we need community leaders to get involved so we can continue to move forward and continue to grow the Republican Party in Oakland County.


The time to get involved is now! Help the OCRP preserve conservative values in Oakland County, show your support and become a member, become a volunteer or become a leader!


Memorial Day honors those who have served and died in our nation’s conflicts, but it’s also for us to heal & recommit our efforts to ‘EARN’ their ultimate sacrifice of love for another by the way we live our daily lives. May God bless OUR Nation and all the men and women who never returned home on Earth, but are at home with the Lord.Final scene in which Private Ryan, as an older man, sees the grave of Captain Miller and says to his wife, "Tell me I'm a good man." ... See MoreSee Less

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Mike KowallThank you Sheriff Mike Bouchard for your support. Together we will keep #OaklandCounty moving forward! ... See MoreSee Less


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SORRY TO SIDE-TRACK BUT WE NEED TO STICK TOGETHER LIKE DEMS DO! I think we need to convince Shirkey like Sen Tom Barrett did that Big Retch is nothing but a Real Good LIEyer. Please read what I posted on Shirkey and Chatfield's FB pages. Shirkey may be on her side or may not. Let's not shut him out and keep shoving the truth and facts his way until the light dawns on him. We can't remove him from office right now so let's get him on our side - we need all the help we can get in trying to call out Big Retch. Has anyone given him the federal attorney's number that Barr sent to Michigan? I thought I saw a post with his name and number on Cindi Holland's FB page. Anyway here's what I posted to Shirkey's, Chatfield's and Barrett's FB pages: Senator Shirkey NEVER give Big Retch the benefit of the doubt. She is nothing but a Real Good LIEyer. Thank you Senator Tom Barrett - I voted for you! SOOO GLAD YOU'RE ON CONSTITUTION'S SIDE! To Mike Shirkey and Lee Chatfield, I know you want to be gentlemen in dealing with Big Retch but you need to set aside everything your Dads taught you about how to treat women like gentlemen. Sen Barrett went to war and knows many sides of the human agenda. I'm not saying you should be abusive to Big Retch but she's no lady and you need to get tougher when relating to her. She's a man eater who has continuously taken advantage of your naivety and gentleman's manners. She's a lawyer and has lied for years about her public service. Maybe you should watch some ID Network programs to see how women abuse men? You and Lee seem too nice in dealing with a seasoned liar like Big Retch: if you had experience in the military, or as a law enforcement official, or as a seasoned attorney you'd realize how hood-winked you have been the last year! NEED TOUGHER SKIN THAN THIS TO TOE THE LINE BOYS!

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